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the owner

Hello. My name is Holly Morton Chione, and I am the owner of Morton Properties of Denver. I have been a Real Estate Agent since 1996 and opened my own Brokerage in 2017. I have worked through all types of real estate markets at least once and have come to the conclusion that no matter the market, there are a few qualities necessary to best represent buyers and sellers.


I believe in education and knowledge. My commitment to my agents and our clients is to have the most educated and informed Realtors in the business. In our ever evolving world, it is vital to stay on top of the changes in our industry that will affect our clients and our ability to conduct real estate transactions. At Morton Properties of Denver, we provide guidance and education on a regular basis to all of our agents.


I believe in clear and effective communication. It is essential that Realtors communicate regularly with their clients as well as other agents to keep all parties informed. It sounds simple, but this doesn’t always happen. The marketing of a home and the “Under Contract” phase are an ever-changing and evolving process. Our agents will keep you in the loop at all times with all developments.


I believe in collaborative yet keen negotiation skills. Real Estate transactions are complex and require thoughtful and sometimes tough conversations when representing clients. All parties are working toward a common goal, the sale and purchase of a home. Both parties must work together and yet at times, firm negotiations are required. Good Realtors know when a collaborative approach is required and when firm negotiations are required. The success of a Real Estate transaction is almost impossible without these skills and the agents at Morton Properties of Denver are well versed in these areas.


I believe in guiding clients toward their goals. It is our job to listen to your needs and give you our professional opinion and advice, but your job to make the final decision. We don’t tell our clients what to do, we guide you toward making the right decision for your circumstances.


We would be honored to represent you in the largest financial transaction most people make and are committed to providing you with a professional experience that will exceed your expectations.

Hear what others have to say

Holly is a wonderful and patient real estate professional. I met her at FINN Real Estate and I am so excited that she has embarked on her new journey as an entrepreneur. I wish her the best of future successes. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy in this insane real estate market.

If you are in need of an agent that will work tirelessly and aggressively to get you the best price, whether selling or purchasing, Call Audrey right now!!!

Holly is professional and thorough!

Holly was our outstanding broker when our house was on the market in 2012. She was an excellent negotiator as well as a representative and our listing resulted in a successful sale because of her. We couldn’t have been more pleased with Holly and highly recommend her.